West Shore Dog Walking Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The exercise they need, the socialization they crave and the peace of mind you gain.

Clear Boundaries.

Dogs need exercise; it's in their DNA. For thousands of years, dogs were domesticated specifically for working, so they are naturally compelled to keep moving. Denying that instinct can lead to physical issues and mental instability.

There are few animals more social than dogs. As a species they naturally form groups for survival. The domesticated canines of today lead easier lives, but they still crave companionship from their own kind. Keeping your pet solitary will affect their mood and their desire to please, which may lead to acting out and bad behaviour.

Every canine pack has tendencies and habits and each member does their part to make sure others are staying in line. As professional handlers and pack leaders, it is our job to shape and mold those habits into acceptable canine behaviours by setting clear rules and boundaries, while still having fun!

In summary, dogs need exercise, socialization and clear boundaries to be happy and healthy.  Doggy Style Dog Walking will bring your dog home tired, content and mentally balanced after every hike.

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We develop happy, healthy and well-rounded canine family citizens.

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