West Shore Dog Walking Pack Leader

The Pack Leaders

We are experienced adventurers with professional dog handling skills and we truly love what we do!

Erin Parsons
Founder / Pack Leader

Born in Victoria and raised on a hobby farm in Metchosin, animals have long since been a part of Erin's life. With dogs, horses, pygmy goats, birds and a cat as "siblings", it's no wonder that she longed for a career involving animals. Early training came in the form of showing Old English Sheepdogs throughout the Pacific North West and as a veterinary assistant which is where she learned about the philosophies regarding canine health and behaviours.

The idea to start a canine adventure hiking service came when Erin was out hiking with her own dog in the West Shore back country. By 2006, the idea became reality when Doggy Style Dog Walking was born.

West Shore Dog Walking Erin Parsons

Jennifer Howlett
Pack Leader

Jennifer was born in Victoria, but grew up in Parksville and then returned to the "Big City" after graduating secondary school. Having grown up with the family lab she always knew she wanted to work with animals. When the time came to make that happen Jennifer began volunteering with Wild Arc, the SPCA, started fostering puppies, and walked dogs awaiting adoption, which is how her shepherd/husky pup entered her life. Jennifer's second adoption came in the form of a 2 year old pit bull mix through Raincoast Rescue, which has only made her more passionate about the canine life style.

Eventually the volunteering led to career opportunites, first with K9HQ doggy daycare. When Doggy Style Dog Walking was ready to expand, Jennifer was more than ready for the opportunity. She has been out on the trails leading the Doggy Style Pack ever since.

West Shore Dog Walking Jennifer Howlett

Alexa Bainbridge
Pack Leader

Alexa was born and raised in Squamish BC, Vancouver's backyard playground famous for its outdoor activities. Canine life started early for Alexa having had dogs around her since a young age. After graduating in 2012 and coming to Victoria, Alexa began volunteering for the SPCA where she first began to hone her skills as a pack leader by walking and socializing dogs that were in their care. A long three years without a canine companion led Alexa to try fostering, which brought "Miley", an Aussie cattle dog/Finnish Spitz rescue into her life. Miley knew she had found her forever home and Alexa made it official by becoming her adoptor.

When Doggy Style Dog Walking needed another pack leader, she was ready. Her hobby as a canine adventurer has blossomed into a career and she couldn't be more happy about it.

West Shore Dog Walking Alexa Bainbridge
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